About us

francoFranco Grieco

pieroPiero Molino
Chief Technology Officer

pierpaoloPierpaolo Basile
Researcher Natural Language Processing

claudioClaudio Taranto
Researcher Machine Learning

marcoMarco de Gemmis
Researcher Information Search and Filtering

vitoVito Manzari
Business Development Manager

Don't search, just ask!

Semantic search and natural language

QuestionCube develops solutions for natural language processing, semantic search and question answering. Our applications enable you to search large document collections with natural language queries, asking questions as you would do with a human.


Our technology bridges the gap between what user searches and what the search engine returns, thanks to its deep understanding of human language. QuestionCube is specialized in turning linguistic analysis, semantic search and question answering technologies into effective business solutions.


QuestionCube provides:

  • management of big document collections;
  • custom semantic search engines;
  • question answering solutions;
  • semantic search engines for FAQs;
  • knowledge management systems for enterprises;
  • support systems for CRM and after-sales services.