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Respondo is an innovative search tool by QuestionCube, designed to change the management of FAQ.

Manage the FAQ has never been so simple

Just feed Respondo with your FAQ and corresponding answers, and that’s it! You can easily manage and update them by using a simple control panel.

A technology available to everyone

Your customers will be provided with a search engine on the web or directly on their iOS and Android smartphones to ask questions in natural language, as they were talking to a call center operator. Thanks to the web widget of Respondo, a search box will be always active on your web site.

Automatic responses, but absolute certainty they are official

Thanks to the semantic technology of QuestionCube, Respondo will understand the user question and will search for the most similar ones already available in the repository of certified FAQ. The user has just to read the answers associated to the relevant questions retrieved.

A search engine that understands word meanings

Our components for natural language understanding make Respondo more accurate that other search engines based on keywords, because they are not able to recognize synonyms, for instance. Respondo recognizes synonyms and is able to disambiguate polysemous words as well.

Artificial Intelligence to improve accuracy

Respondo automatically learns through interaction with users, who provide positive or negative feedback on any retrieved result. User feedback will be used by the system to improve the performance of the retrieval algorithm, in the same way as human beings improve their ability on a certain task when provided with feedback about their performance.

A tool to monitor customer needs

If a user does not find any FAQ pertaining to her question, she can report it just by a click: Respondo takes into account the users’ behavior, the questions they ask, the language they use and their feedback on search results. All this information is made available the Organization via the control panel, with many advantages:

  • Customer needs are constantly monitored. User needs can be revealed by what she asks for: it’s important for the organization to know what customers are looking for, especially in a specific time period or just after a specific campaign, in order to assess its effectiveness
  • New FAQ can be defined by looking at customer questions that Respondo was not able to answer
  • Language adopted by users to ask questions can be modeled in order to provide answers with an appropriate language style

Why Respondo?

  • Decrease of costs for the call center, because if customers are happy with retrieved answers, they will not call.
  • Questions issued by customers can be mined to extract relevant knowledge about their needs and preferences
  • Advanced services for customer care will improve the reputation of the Organization